From the twisted wreckage of a dying civilization comes an adventure of epic proportions, dark deeds, and hell on earth. Based on the classic Temple of Elemental Evil adventure, After the Gate’s Opening is designed as a world-changing event within any campaign setting, though designed to use the Forgotten Realms world.

The post-apocalyptic series of adventures start as the world is slowly being overrun by the armies of hell and the hordes of the abyss who’s ancient Blood War has spilled overtly into a little known continent, Nevábróde, of Abeir-Toril.

Players begin in a small roadside village on the Gold Road, far south of the growing calamity. As the village slowly fills with refugees from the north, adventurers choose many paths, not of adventure, but of survival. Ancient weapons and armors are rumored to hold the only chance of survival from the coming eradication of all mortal beings, but they are held in ancient tombs and strongholds far to the north within the now scarred and dead lands once known as the crux of Nevábróde civilization.

After the Gate's Opening